Intranet Help

Logging into the Anesthesiology Intranet --- only members of the department have access

1. You need your NetID.

Your NetID is usually your  first initial + last name (e.g. wmorton).

If you don't know your NetID (or if you don't know your password) log into the SolarSystem (Security and Personal Data > NetID Maintenance, see bottom of this page*

2. Click on this link. (In the future, you can click on the Anesthesia Internet link in the Quick Links on the left side of all our internet pages and also on the Resident Portal.) 

3. You should get to theNetID login page. Enter your NetID and password and click LOGIN.

NetID Login

4. You will come to the home page of the Stony Brook Medicine Intranet.  

If you see the "Anesthesiology Intranet" in the Quick Links, then you already have permission to view those pages.

If you DO NOT see the "Anesthesiology Intranet" in the Quick Links, then a member of Medical Informatics will be alerted automatically, and you should have access within the next business day.

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5. Click on "Anesthesiology Intranet" and you will get to our home page. 

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In the coming weeks and months, content will be added to the "All Faculty", "Clinical Faculty", "Research Faculty" and "Residents" pages. Access will be restricted to members of the corresponding groups.

Clinical Guidlines are already in place. If you would like changes made, contact Jim Dilger.

Some Lectures are available for viewing as powerpoint files. If you want to add lectures, contact Jim Dilger.

6. If you ever see this "Access Denied" page, do not fret. Just click on "Anesthesiology Intranet".

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* How to check your NetID on the SolarSystem . NetID Maintenance under Security and Personal Data

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