Research Faculty

Mark Henry MD

Dr Henry is the Chairman and Professor of Emergency Medicine.  Dr Henry’s main areas of research are emergency medical services and trauma triage. Dr Henry has served as the EMS director or the State of New York for several years and has been involved in the development of many statewide EMS protocols and trauma triage criteria based on the evidence, many of which he generates at Stony Brook. 

Adam Singer MD

Dr Singer is Vice Chairman for Research and Director of the Emergency Medicine Research Center (EMRC) at Stony Brook.  His main areas of research include wound healing, lacerations and burns. Dr Singer is involved in both basic bench and translational research.  He also conducts clinical trials in the field of acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, and a variety of other topics.  The EMRC also offers educational opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, medical students, residents and fellows. 

Peter Viccellio MD

Dr Viccellio is nationally and internationally recognized as an expert in ED flow and crowding.  Dr Viccellio is most well known for his “full capacity protocol”.  Dr Viccellio has received funding for many of his work and continues to conduct research on methods to reduce crowding while optimizing patient flow in the ED. 

Andrew Wackett MD

Dr Wackett is currently the Assistant Dean for medical students at the Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University.  Dr Wackett is nationally recognized as an educator and innovator in educational research.  Dr Wackett’s main area of research is medical education and use of a simulator to improve student and resisdent technical skills. 

Ed Stapleton EMT-P

Mr Stapleton is an internationally recognized expert in the field of paramedic training and basic life support.  Ed has been the author and editor of many of the early publications of American Heart Association with regards to BLS and ALS.  Ed’s main area of research is basic life support and resuscitation.