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Classroom Scheduling - Access Privileges

Some of our teaching spaces are equipped with electronic locks. The campus has standardized on Lenel. This system replaces the traditional brass key with a plastic card that carries the technology enabling Stony Brook to program access levels. These cards are commonly refered to as Prox Cards and are identical to the general campus ID with one exception:

This HID logo identifies the card as a programmable asset with an antenna coil and integrated electronic chip. As a result of this integrated technology, the card should not be subjected to extreme heat (clothes dryers, clothes irons, sunlit dashboards), bent, twisted or punctured. Avoid exposure to organic solvents, alcohol, isopropyl, and ethanol.

Lenel electronic door locks are installed on a subset of our reservable rooms. They are programmed to secure the spaces during certain hours or to remain locked to all times opening only to individual's granted access rights. At the present time the following HSC areas are controlled with Lenel.

Level 2 - 161, 162, 163, 164. 165,272A, 272B, 273A, 273B, 3 hallway doors and the Medical Student Lounge.

Level 3 - 133B

Access privileges have been divided into three groups. The links below provide maps of access patterns. Should your card fail to open the doors in your access level, contact Media Services - Janet WIlson at 4-3228.