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Classroom Scheduling - Room Types

There are 6 lecture halls in the Health Sciences Center. Each can accommodate from 128-230 people. Lighting is controlled from various locations by both dimmers and switches. All seating, writing surfaces, and the lectern are permanently fixed. Wireless internet service is available in all of our halls. Lecture Halls 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 have electrical service at each seat to support sustained, uninterrupted laptop exams.
Our lecture halls have a data projector and voice amplification systems installed. Document cameras are either installed or available upon request depending upon the specific hall assigned.

A confirmed reservation guarantees that the following items will be available at the lectern:
• Installed PC with internet access
• Accommodation for visitng laptops
• Electric pointer or laser pointer
• VCR/DVD playback unit
• Chalk and eraser
• Installed lectern microphone
• Touch Panel Control for installed AV and room lights. 
Each hall has an overhead projector with transparency roller and pen. Chalkboards are plentiful.
Wireless microphones may be signed out in the AV office should the presenter wish to move freely about the space.

All classrooms and seminar rooms have movable seating, a blackboard, one ethernet drop for presenters and a projection screen. The seats are basic student desk/chairs.
The folllowing classrooms have installed AV systems. Access to these accommodations needs to be activated once you have recieved a confirmed room reservation by contacting AV Services at 4-3230.
CR 085
CR 101
CR 154B
CR 162, CR 163, CR164, CR165
CR 272A, CR 272B
CR 273A, CR 273B