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Classroom Scheduling - Sponsors

Each of the Schools in the Center has a designated Sponsor:

School Sponsor Phone
SHTM Karen Mendelson 444-2254
Medicine Marilyn London 444-8189
Nursing Irene Stern 444-3481
Social Welfare Kathy Albin 444-3141
Dental Medicine Dr. Allan Kucine 632-8901

Units and departments of Stony Brook University Hospital and the Long Island State Veterans Home can obtain sponsorship by contacting the offices of their respective Executive Directors.

Academic or administrative organizations outside of the Center may request space for events. This can be done by having one of our formal Sponsors endorse and sign for your event.

Independent organizations or agencies outside Health Sciences may also request space. This can be done by seeking permission for the use of Campus Facilities from the Office of the Vice President for Finance and Management or the Office of the Dean of the Health Sciences. In these instances, space will only be assigned if the sponsorship is in writing and the independent organization designates a coordinator who can be reached at a SUSB address and phone number.