Stony Brook Medicine Team at NYACP 2015 Resident and Medical Student Forum

SYRACUSE, NY, November 14, 2015 - Stony Brook Medicine residents presented posters and competed in the Doctor’s Dilemma Competition at the New York Chapter of the American College of Physician’s Annual Resident and Medical Student Forum, held at the Institute for Human Performance in Syracuse.

Four Stony Brook Internal Medicine residents submitted abstracts that were selected for the NYACP Scientific Poster Competition that was held in Syracuse. Chief Resident, Dr. Christine Garcia, won first prize in the outcomes’ research category! Pictured below of all 4 poster presenters with Dr. Doris Chan, who participated for the second year in a row on the Doctor’s Dilemma Team; From left to right here are the residents and their posters:

  • Jason Ling, MD (PGY3) with Dr. Sandeep Mallipattu: “A Unique Case of Nephrotic Syndrome and Glycosuria
  • Glen Granati, MD (PGY2): Does Trending Procalcitonin in the ICU Provide Effective Monitoring? Or a False Sense of Security?”
  • Christine Garcia, MD, MPH (Chief Resident) with Dr. Sahar Ahmad: “Success, Adverse Event Rates, and Time to Procedure for Resident and Fellow-Performed Ultrasound-guided Procedures Compared to a Specialty Procedure- Service Paradigm”
  • Nick Pakzad, MD (PGY3) with Kiranjit Uppal, MD, MPH (PGY3), William Stuart, MSIV: “Normal Serum Lipase in the Setting of DKA Masking the Diagnosis of Acute Pancreatitis”

Drs. Doris Chan, Sid Raghavan, Rishi Mehta and Michael Bykhovsky competed in the Doctor’s Dilemma competition. Chief Resident, Dr. Anu Neerukonda, coached the team (below).

Stony Brook Medicine Team at NYACP 2015 Resident and Medical Student Forum in Syracuse. From left to right: Drs. Susan Lane (Program Director), Joseph Mailman (Former Stony Brook resident and Pulm/CC at University Rochester), Anu Neerukonda (Chief Resident), Rishi Mehta (PGY3), Sid Raghavan (PGY3), Michael Bykhovsky (Med-Peds PGY3), Nick Pakzad (PGY3), Christine Garcia (Chief Resident), Doris Chan (PGY3) and Glen Granati (PGY2).