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Hiren V Patel, Ph.D.

Hiren Patel

B.A., 2010, Boston University
Ph.D., 2016
Advisor: Dr. Jessica Seeliger
Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP)

Current Position

Clinical phase of the Medical Scientist Training Program at Stony Brook University

Select Honors and Awards

NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein Individual Predoctoral NRSA for MD/PhD Fellowships (F30), 2015-2016 

Chemical Biology Training Program Fellowship, 2013-2014  

Best Poster Award, Chemical Biology Discussion Group Year-End Symposium at the New York Academy of Sciences, 2013

Select Publications

Patel, H.V., Previti, M.L., Touchetter, M.H., Rhee, K.Y., and Seeliger, J.C. The rv1192 locus encodes an esterase required for Mycobacterium tuberculosis growth on low-density lipoprotein. Submitted.

Akiyama H, Miller C, Patel HV, Hatch SC, Archer J, Ramirez NG, and S Gummuluru. 2014. Virus particle release from GSL-enriched microdomains is crucial for dendritic cell-mediated capture and transfer of enveloped RNA viruses. J. Virol. 88:8813-25. [PMCID: PMC4136256]