Breastfeeding Class for Expectant Parents
These classes are free and are taught by lactation consultants. They are offered the first Wednesday of every month 7:00 - 9:30 p.m. To register call (631) 444-2201 and leave your name and phone number. For more information on breastfeeding go to:

Meet the Midwives
Come, bring your family and friends, spend a very informative hour with the midwives. We will answer your questions, discuss admission policies, and take you on a tour of the LDR's (labor, delivery and recovery rooms), postpartum units and nursery. Park in visitor parking, enter main entrance of hospital and follow pink signs to our location.  The information desk has directions to our location as well. Offered the first Thursday of every month 7:00 - 8:30p.m.

Childbirth Education Classes
The following is a list of childbirth education classes available at the university and in the community. There is a fee for most of these classes. Most instructors work on a sliding fee basis. The Midwifery Practice does not endorse any of these classes in particular. We offer them as a resource for families to contact and use their own best judgment.

Bradley and Lamaze Instructors (Click for Complete List)

Child Birth and Hypnobirthing Instructors (Click for Complete List)

University Hospital
Prenatal preparation classes. These classes are free. Call 631-444-4000