09/2016 September was a great month! Markus was awarded the Excellence in Early Career Research Award from the Stony Brook University School of Medicine.

He was also the first place winner for his entry on Effective Communication for Physician Scientists for the "Innovations in Research Education Award" from the American Association of Medical Colleges.

03/2016 Congratulations to Maja for winning the Undergraduate Recognition Award in the category of Academic Excellence!

04/2016 Our very own Emilie Bouda was awarded the prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship! Congratulations Emilie and welcome to the Seeliger lab!

06/2016 Our very own Ivan Lebedev successfully defended his dissertation and graduated with his PhD in Biochemistry and Structural Biology. Warmest congratulations, Dr. Lebedev!

08/2015 Agatha Lyczek is an MSTP student from NYC who joined the Seeliger lab this summer. Welcome Agatha!

06/2015 Congratulations to our very own Zack Foda on his graduation! Zack was also the recipient of the prestigious Presidential Graduate award, only five of which are awarded each year University-wide.

Dr. Foda will be returning to medical school to complete the MD portion of his MD-PhD. All the best, Zack!

06/2015 Grace Tan was a recipient of the David Williams Memorial travel award. Congratulations!

05/2015 Our very own undergrad Maja Kornaj has been awarded the URECA summer research grant!
Maja also came in first place in a poster competition among Pharmacology undergraduates at the URECA Undergraduate Research Symposium in April. Congratulations!

12/2014 - 01/2015 Congratulations to Mike Tong and Zack Foda on their publications!

08/2014 Congratulations to Dr. George Georghiou on his graduation!

05/2014 May has been a great month!

Congratulations to our undergrads Jevon Fragoso and Igor Bundalevski on graduating from Stony Brook University! Jevon is also the recipient of the Sir James Black award.

Also, warmest congratulations to Theresa (Chia-Yu) Kung for being a recipient of the URECA grant for summer research!

Grace Tan was also awarded the Mary Landon Sague Fellowship for graduate study.

07/2013 Zack Foda is the recipient of the NIH Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service (NRSA) Predoctoral Fellowship. Congratulations, Zack!

04/2013 Congratulations to our undergrad Jevon Fragoso for being awarded the URECA grant for summer research!

02/2013 Congratulations to Zack Foda and Grace Tan for passing their Qualifying Exams to officially rise to PhD candidacy!

09/2012 Congratulations to our very own George Georghiou for winning the van der Kloot Award for Excellence in Research!

07/2012 Since we’re all settled in the new lab space now, let’s take a retrospective look at the renovations leading up to our moving in.

07/2012 We have moved into our newly renovated lab space! Check out how we celebrated the opening of our lab with the Department.

06/2012 Our heartiest congratulations to our undergraduate Michael Pulkoski-Gross for graduating cum laude from Stony Brook University! Michael was also recipient of the Sir James Black award and the Dean’s Choice award.

02/2012 Our paper with David Liu on macrocyclic Src inhibitors came out in Nature Chem. Bio.

12/2011 Renovations for our lab are entering their final stage!

07/2011 Congratulations to Michael Pulkoski-Gross for winning a URECA Summer Undergraduate Research Grant.

07/2011 Undergraduate Lisa Malone graduates and wins the Jean Devlin Award for her research in the lab.
07/2011 Zack Foda joins the group. Welcome!

06/2011 Undergraduate Michael Pulkoski-Gross receives an Undergraduate Recognition Award for Academic Excellence

05/2011 Our first paper from Stony Brook is published in JACS:
Really, how DOES a drug molecule find its target binding site?