• Welcome to our new Assistant Professor Markus Reissland! (9/1/2020)
  • Congratulations to PhD graduate Jinelle Wint (Advisor, Howard Sirotkin) for her publication in the Journal of Neuroscience Research, "Lrrk2 modulation of Wnt signaling during zebrafish development." (7/5/2020)
  • Welcome to our incoming class of Master of Science in Neuroscience students! (7/6/2020)
  • Congratulations to PhD student Mohanlall Narine (Advisor, Holly Colognato) for winning a Center for Inclusive Education Turner Dissertation Fellowship Award for 2020. (7/3/2020)
  • Congratulations to the Center for Neural Circuit Dynamics on its receipt a $3.6 million U01 grant from the NIH BRAIN Initiative to study how large ensembles of neurons organize to form coherent patterns of neural activity. Center members include Neurobiology and Behavior Professor and Chair Alfredo Fontanini, Associate Professor and Center Director Arianna Maffei, Associate Professor Giancarlo La Camera, Assistant Professors Braden Brinkman and Memming Park, and Department of Chemistry Professor Jin Wang. Read the SBU News article. (5/28/2020)
  • Congratulations to our Spring 2020 Graduates! (5/21/2020)
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  • Congratulations to the Sirotkin & Wollmuth labs on their paper on NMDARs in early development in the Journal of Neuroscience, "A Model to Study NMDA Receptors in Early Nervous System Development" (5/1/2020)
  • Congratulations to Postdoc Joanna Szczurkowska and Graduate Student Alan Guo (Shelly lab) on their publication in Cell Reports, "A Localized Scaffold for cGMP Increase Is Required for Apical Dendrite Development" (4/24/2020)
  • Congratulations to MD/PhD students Greg Kirschen, Raja Pillai, and Nick Schwartz for receiving awards as part of the annual Renaissance School of Medicine Class Awards Celebration (4/6/2020)
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  • Congratulations to PhD Student Priscilla Yevoo (Maffei lab) for receiving an Honorable Mention in the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program competition! (3/31/2020)
  • Congratulations to graduate student Afrinash Ahamad (Ge lab) on her recent publication in Frontiers in Neuroscience, "Early Dendritic Morphogenesis of Adult-Born Dentate Granule Cells Is Regulated by FHL2" (3/24/2020)
  • Congratulations to Meagan Conner, PhD candidate in the Kritzer lab, on her paper accepted in European Journal of Neuroscience: “Domain-Specific Contributions of Biological Sex and Sex Hormones to What, Where, and When Components of Episodic-Like Memory in Adult Rats." (1/16/20)
  • Congratulations to Postdoctoral Associate Hillary Schiff (Maffei lab) on receiving an NIH Postdoctoral National Research Service Award for her research on “Maturation of inhibitory circuits in the gustatory cortex and expression of taste preferences.” (12/12/2019)
  • Congratulations to Postdoctoral Associate Hillary Schiff (Maffei lab) who tied for 2nd place for her talk, "You Are What You Ate" at the Postdoc Spotlight event on Nov. 14, hosted by the Stony Brook University Office of Postdoctoral Affairs. (11/15/2019)
  • Congratulations to Kelvin Chan (Wollmuth/Hsieh Lab), MSTP, Graduate Program in Neuroscience for receiving a Student Achievement Award from the Rheumatology Research Foundation. “Lupus auto-antibodies act as positive allosteric modulators at GluN2A-containing NMDA receptors to induce excitotoxicity and spatial memory deficits” will be presented at American College of Rheumatology Annual Meeting in November, 2019. (9/30/2019)
  • Congratulations to Assistant Professor Memming Park for securing a Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER) award from the National Science Foundation. (8/23/2019)


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