Neurobiology and Behavior


Neuroscience Seminars at the Dept. of Neurobiology & Behavior

Prominent outside speakers are invited to visit our departments and centers and discuss their work in a formal seminar.  

In the fall semester, the first six seminars are organized around a specific field of basic Neuroscience Research. The last four seminars of the Spring Semester are organized to learn about the most cutting edge approaches to the study of the Neurobiology of Diseases. All other seminars are presented by speakers whose work covers several aspects of brain research, from molecular to cognitive neuroscience. These weekly seminars are part of the training for students enrolled in the Program in Neuroscience (PiN) and provide an opportunity for PiN students and faculty to interact with outstanding Neuroscientists. Attendance is open to all of the campus Community. 

Unless otherwise noted, all seminars are on Thursdays at 12:00 p.m. in the Life Sciences Bldg - Room 038

Neuroscience Seminar Series - Spring 2020





January 30th 

Partha Mitra

Cold Spring Harbor Lab

Alice Powers

February 6th

Faculty Search



February 13th

Faculty Search 



February 20th 

Faculty Search



February 27th

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March 5th 

Ehud Isacoff

University of CA Berkeley

Howard Sirotkin/
Lonnie Wollmuth

March 12th

Faculty Search    

March 19th 

Spring Break

March 26th

Nicho Hatsopoulos University of Chicago Memming Park

April 2nd

Gordon Shepherd Northwestern University Arianna Maffei

April 9th

Ej Chichilnisky Stanford University

Braden Brinkman

April 16th
(Neurobiology of Disease)

Li Gan AD Research Institute, NY Shaoyu Ge

April 23rd 
(Neurobiology of Disease)

Anton Reiner University of Tennessee Alice Powers

April 30
(Neurobiology of Disease)

Christopher Donnelly University of Pittsburgh Roger Sher

May 7th
(Neurobiology of Disease)

Greg Cox Jackson Labs Roger Sher