In the Spotlight

Last Fall, Dr. Mary Kritzer was appointed as SUNY Distinguished Service Professor, an honor that recognizes extraordinary service by faculty across SUNY. Dr. Kritzer has provided outstanding service to the University in many capacities beyond her primary teaching and research responsibilities. She has volunteered to serve on medical school governance, the University’s athletics programs, services for under represented graduate students, and services for commuter students. She has also gained an impressive reputation for service outside the University by participating in science programs in local high schools, serving as an effective leader in numerous NIH study section activities, and bringing the Healthy Minds Across America Outreach program to Stony Brook University. Dr. Kritzer has twice taken on the demanding task of Graduate Program Director for the Program in Neuroscience, a crucial aspect of the departmental mission. Dr. Kritzer's lab studies the ways in which sex hormones such as estrogen and androgen impact the complex cognitive functions of the association cortices and the sex-specific patterns of their dysfunction in neuropsychiatric and neurodegenerative disease.