Message from the Chief Residents

2021-2022 Chief Residents Welcome You

A Letter from our current Chief Residents

Greetings from Stony Brook, NY!

We are elated that you are considering Stony Brook Neurology for your residency training and we look forward to having you as a part of our tightly knit family. The neurology program here at Stony Brook has a plethora of strengths, some of which we would like to share with you in the hopes that you can experience a taste of the richness here at this wonderful institution.

Thanks to our wonderful program director, Dr. Cara Harth and diverse faculty, we have a strong emphasis on both resident and medical student education.  We have dedicated learning time on all rotations, including daily morning report, resident-led neuroanatomy and neuropathology lectures, neuro-ophthalmology lectures, neurocritical care lectures, and stroke journal club. We also have the privilege of teaching medical students, both clinically on the floors, and also giving didactic presentations. All of these unique opportunities have served to strengthen our knowledge base as well as to hone our own teaching skills.

Stony Brook Neurology has a very collegial and welcoming atmosphere. The faculty here has an open-door policy and no one is ever too busy for an impromptu visit. At any point in time, a resident can stop by a faculty’s office to talk about neurological cases or simply for professional guidance. Additionally, several faculty members in the past have offered their homes for wellness activities and journal clubs. We have shared in a variety of family-friendly activities with faculty and residents outside the hospital too, such as picnics and Escape Rooms. Here at Stony Brook we are truly a family and take pride in the friendships and camaraderie we have formulated over the years.

We have mobile stroke units, which is a unique feature of our program. These units are equipped with CT scans allow us to order tPA to be given in the field. As one of the only comprehensive stroke centers in the area, you will become excellent at managing patients with cerebrovascular  pathology. You will have the opportunity to work alongside experts who are both nationally and internationally renowned and gain exposure to some of the best of the best. We know this helps us in our fellowship applications across the US. Our graduating residents have matched very well and have gone on to further their training at some of the best fellowship programs in the country, which speaks volumes about the kind of training we receive here.

Beyond the excellent resources, world class faculty, diverse patient population, and cutting-edge research here at Stony Brook Neurology, you will find residents who truly enjoy working together and have created strong bonds that transcend the walls of Stony Brook. Residents often spend time at each other’s homes, plan baby showers, birthday parties for each other, and even travelling across states to attend their co-resident’s weddings. We have shared several milestones with each other but most importantly, we have been there for each other in times of need.

Another huge highlight of this program is our amazing residency and fellowship program coordinator, Doris Boehle. Not only is she fantastic at her job, she has created a safe environment for residents who often stop by her office for a shoulder to lean on. From her warm smiles in the morning, and the excellent advice she offers daily, her genuine investment in the residency and fellowship programs is unmatched. We all leave here feeling incredibly honored to have met someone like Doris in our lives. The Department is here with open arms to welcome you into the Stony Brook family, and without a shadow of a doubt you will graduate here feeling incredibly prepared for life after residency training. Most importantly, you will leave here belonging to a solid network of neurologists and also create lifelong friendships.

As you progress with the application cycle and contemplate the pros/cons of different residency programs, we encourage you to consider Stony Brook.  If you are looking for a program with strong academics, world class research, excellent resources, engaging faculty and family friendly program, Stony Brook Neurology is the place for you. We look forward to learning more about you and hopefully sharing the richness of our program with you. We are confident you will be very content training here at Stony Brook Neurology.

Sincerely your Chief Residents,

Dwayne Brown


Anuradha Singh