Rotation Schedule

Stony Brook Orthopaedics: Medical Student Curriculum and Expectations

(4th Year Student Rotators)



Daily Morning Rounds:

Following your first day, discuss with your rotation-based Senior Resident regarding specific timing, location, and expectations.

Daily Morning X-Ray/Consult Conference:

Monday/Wednesday- 5:50 am x-ray rounds in Ortho conference room, HSC T-18
Tuesday/Thursday/Friday- 6:
20 am x-ray round in Ortho conference room, HSC T-18

Rotation Schedule:

Trauma (1 week) – D
rs. Kottmeier and Divaris
- 4-5 Days in Operating Room
- 1-2 Days Emergency Room Consults with Out-Guy

 Hand (1 week) with Chairman Dr. Hurst and Hand Faculty
- 2-3 Days in OR
- 2-3 Days in Clinic

Adult Reconstruction/Orthopedic Oncology (1 week) – Drs. Nicholson and Khan
- 4-5 Days in OR
- 1-2 Days in Clinic

Sports/Foot & Ankle (1 week) – Drs. Penna and Paulus
- 4-5 Days in OR
- 1-2 Days in Clinic

It is expected that students contact the Out-Guy on completion of their daily duties.

Subspecialty Conferences
The medical student is expected to attend all conferences unless 
otherwise instructed.
Monday 6:45 am: Peds Conference and Indications (Drs. Carrion, Barsi, Wallach)
Tuesday 6:45 am: Spine Conference and Indications (Drs. Stephen and Morelli)
Wednesday 6:20 – 9:00 am: Sports Conference/Foot & Ankle Conference, Grand        Rounds, Hand Conference 
Thursday 6:45 am: Trauma Conference (Drs. Kottmeier and Divaris)
Friday 6:45: Adult Reconstruction/Orthopedic Oncology (Drs. Nicholson/Khan)


 It is expected that the medical student participate in the following:

- 3 X-ray Conference Presentations
- 1 Trauma Subspecialty Conference Presentation

On Call:

- Weeknight/Weekend schedule to be determined by senior resident on service.

Topics for review (with residents on the service)

- Hip fractures: classification and treatment basics
- Ankle fractures: classification and treatment basics
- Distal radius fractures: basics of reduction and treatment
- Upper extremity fractures: basics
- Types of fixation
- The basic knee exam
- The basic shoulder exam
- Ligament injuries/sprains
- Intoeing
- The limping child (transient synovitis vs septic arthritis)
- Scoliosis basics
- Neck/back pain workup and exam


*Please recognize that these schedules are tentative and subject to change.




Good Luck!