Dennis K. Galanakis, MD, Professor

Dennis K. Galanakis, MD
Professor of Pathology and Medicine

Director of Blood Bank
University Hospital, Level 5
Stony Brook Medicine
Stony Brook, NY 11794-7530

Tel: (631) 444-2625  
Fax: (631) 444-3137 
Clinical Practice
Dr. Galanakis is Board Certified in Clinical Pathology (1978), with subspecialty expertise in Transfusion Medicine, Apheresis, and Coagulation. He has extensive experience as Director of a Fellowship training program in Transfusion Medicine since 1991. He regularly receives consultations from local and distant metropolitan area physicians for apheresis of patients with a variety of diseases. He has published many studies on fibrinogen and is particularly well known for his expertise in familial fibrinogen anomalies. Dr. Galanakis has pioneered a procedure that stops excessive bleeding from surgery by use of the patient’s own platelet rich plasma. Adaptations of this procedure have been successfully used to minimize transfusion in open heart surgery and in burn patients, and to treat seromas.

Research Summary
Dr. Galanakis is internationally known for his published studies of normal fibrinogen variants and of inherited fibrinogen disorders. He regularly receives requests to evaluate such families from physicians in different states and countries, and such evaluations at times result in benefit to these families. In particular, loss of pregnancy has been avoided in many instances with such disorders, as a result of recommendations emanating from his tests and evaluations of such families. He has also published basic studies on the structure/function relationships of fibrinogen and on interactions of fibrinogen with other proteins and platelets.

Institution and Location Degree Year(s) Field of Study
Wagner College, SI, NY B.S. 1958 Biology
Univ. of Saskatchewan, Canada M.D. 1962 Medicine

Positions and Employment

Rotating Intern: Meamonides Hospital, Brooklyn, NY
Resident in Internal Medicine, Manhattan VA Hospital
1965-67 Fellow in Clinical Hematology, NY Medical College
1968-70 Research Fellow in Coagulation (Medicine)
1975-77 Resident in Clinical Pathology, Downstate Medical Center, Brooklyn, NY

Honors (selected)

Marshall, H. and Nellie Alworth Scholarship
Best Freshman Scholarship, Wagner College
Member of Editorial Board, Thrombosis Research journal
Member of the Council of Human Blood and Transfusion Services of NY State Department of Health, Chair of the Council, 1998-2007
2000 Fellow of American Heart Association
Distinguished Service Award, NYS Department of Health
Chancelor’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Service
2012Excellence in Clinical Service Award, Department of Pathology

Peer Reviewed Publications
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Peer Reviewed by Editor

Galanakis, D.K., Henschen, A., Keeling, M., Kehl, M., Dismore, R. and Peerschke, E.I.  Fibrinogen Louisville: An Aa 16Arg-His Defect which Forms no hybrids in Heterozygous Individuals and Inhibits Aggregation of Normal Fibrin Monomers. Ann NY Acad Sci  408, 644-648, 1983.

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Invited Reviews and Commentaries

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Book Chapters
Galanakis Dennis K. Plasma Thrombin Times and Related Tests, Chapter in: Williams' Hematology, 5th edition, 1994, PP L91-L93.

Gorevic P, Galanakis DK, Finn AF.  Cryoglobulins Chapter in: Manual of Clinical Immunology, Am. Soc. of Microbiol., 5th, 6th, & 7th editions, 1997, 2001, 2015 respectively.   

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