Sonya Hwang, M.D., Associate Professor

Sonya Hwang, MD
Associate Professor
Cytopathology Fellowship Program Director

University Hospital, Level 2, Rm 766
Stony Brook Medicine
Stony Brook, NY 11794-7025

Tel:  (631) 444-2222
Fax:  (631) 444-3419

Clinical Practice:
Dr. Hwang is Board Certified in Anatomic Pathology and Cytopathology (2003).

Institution and Location Degree Year(s) Field of Study
Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. 1989 Life Sciences
SUNY, Downstate Medical M.D. 1998 Medicine

Positions and Employment:

1998-1999 Resident in Obstetrics/Gynecology, Mount Sinai Medical Center
1999-2003 Resident in Anatomic Pathology, New York University Medical Center
2002-2003 Chief Resident in Anatomic Pathology, New York University Medical Center
2001-2002 Fellow in Cytopathology, New York University Medical Center
2003-2005 Anatomic Pathology Coordinating Manager - HHC hospital networks, Bellevue Hospital
2003-2005 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology NYU School of Medicine
2005-2013 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook Medicine
2013-present Associate Professor, Department of Pathology, Stony Brook Medicine

Other Experience and Professional Memberships:

US-Canadian Academy of Pathology
College of American Pathologists
American Society of Cytopathology
Suffolk County Society of Pathology


Class of 1950 Scholar (MIT)
AMWA’s Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Achievement Award
Alpha Omega Alpha - ETA Chapter of New York
Cum Laude (SUNY – Downstate Medical Center)

Peer Reviewed Publications:

Hwang S, Ioffe O, Lee I, Waisman J, Cangiarella J, Simsir A.  Cytologic diagnosis of invasive lobular carcinoma: factors associated with negative and equivocal diagnoses.  Diagn Cytopathol 31(2):87-93, 2004.

Simsir A, Hwang S, Cangiarella J, Elgert P, Levine P, Sheffield MV, Roberson J, Talley L, Chhieng DC.  Glandular cell atypia on Papanicolaou smears: interobserver variability in the diagnosis and prediction of cell of origin.  Cancer Cytopathology 99(6):323-30, 2003.

Hwang S, Simsir A, Waisman J, Moreira A.  Extrapulmonary tuberculosis as a mimicker of neoplasia.  Diagn Cytopathol 30(2):82-7, 2003.

Hwang SJ, Moreira AL, Simsir A.  Cytologic Diagnosis of Eosinophilic Granuloma in a Child.  ASCP CheckSample 2003.

Ventura K, Hwang SJ, Moreira AL, Cangiarella J.  Cytologic Diagnosis of Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma.  ASCP CheckSample 2002.

Yang GC, Hwang SJ, Yee HT.  Fine-needle Aspiration Cytology of Unusual Germ Cell Tumors of the Mediastinum:  Atypical Seminoma and Parietal Yolk Sac Tumor.  Diagn Cytopathol 27(2):69-74, 2002.

Krause DS, Theise ND, Collector MI, Henegariu O, Hwang S, Gardner R, Neutzel S, Sharkis SJ.  Multi-organ, Multi-lineage Engraftment by a Single Bone Marrow-derived Stem Cell.  Cell 105(3):369-77, 2001.

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Ding A, Hwang S, Schwab R.  Effect of Aging on Murine Macrophages:  Diminished Response to IFN-g for Enhanced Oxidative Metabolism.  The Journal of Immunology 153:2146, 1994.