Program Directors' Welcome

Pediatric General Pediatrics Fellowship Program Director's Welcome
Our Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Program at Stony Brook Children's was one of the first six programs in the United States to be accredited by the Academic Pediatric Association.  We are proud of the unique training our fellows receive under the guidance and mentorship of our dedicated multi-disciplinary faculty, and the opportunities available to our trainees to continue to develop their clinical skills in general pediatrics.  All of our fellows graduate with a full complement of skills allowing them to attain positions where they can successfully pursue their career goals.  We look forward to supporting and mentoring you.

Susmita Pati, MD, MPH
Professor of Pediatrics
Program Director, Academic General Pediatrics Fellowship Program

Pediatric Infectious Diseases Program Director’s Welcome
Infectious Diseases is an exciting, every changing field. Human interactions with the microbial world are fascinating. With increasing issues of antibiotic resistance, and new infectious diseases emerging and old ones re-emerging, it is critical to invest in this subspecialty. At Stony Brook we provide an educational opportunity in which the trainee is afforded a thorough background in the field of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.  We provide a comprehensive, competency-based training in Pediatric ID leading to excellent clinical and research skills and subspecialty board eligibility. It is designed to provide hands-on experience in the management of critically ill patients and patients with congenital and acquired immunodeficiencies.  We are an NICHD clinical trials site and have developed a Lyme and Tick-Borne Disease Center. With research spanning all around the world, we also offer global health opportunities. Some of the areas of ongoing clinical research in the division include HIV clinical trials (evaluation of new therapies, opportunistic infection prophylaxis and therapy), clinical trials regarding pharmacokinetic evaluation of new antibiotics, new vaccines for pediatrics, neglected tropical pathogens and TB, as well as studies on the epidemiology of Lyme disease and other tick borne infections, and quality improvement projects regarding antibiotics prophylaxis and protocol driven care. We also have many opportunities for translational research as part of a large university with a Center for Infectious Diseases. Our graduating fellows’ have done translational research in the areas of EBV and Leishmaniasis. There are outpatient clinics twice a week and a newly added Pediatric ID Transplant clinic for our renal transplant patients. There are also regular clinical conferences and research lectures as well as interesting journal clubs. At Stony Brook we offer a challenging fellowship program that will enable you to be successful along your career path. Our learning environment provides a unique training experience.

Christy Beneri, DO
Associate Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Program Director, Pediatric Infectious Disease Fellowship Program

Pediatric Gastroenterology Program Director’s Welcome
Congratulations on your decision to pursue a career in Pediatric Gastroenterology!  We hope that you find it as rewarding and fulfilling as we do.  After graduating residency, you will be past the most physically grueling part of your training, but a different kind of challenge awaits.  As a fellow, you will begin to take on many new responsibilities.  Patients will consider you to be their own physician.  Residents will consider you to be their expert consultant. In many ways, the "buck stops" with you.  Yet, behind the scenes, you actually will have a great deal of resources at your disposal.  At Stony Brook, you will enjoy access to experienced attendings who are not only great clinicians but also passionate teachers. Senior fellows are supportive, approachable, and ready to help whenever needed.  

At Stony Brook we offer a challenging fellowship program which will provide you with an excellent foundation in the clinical, procedural, and research skills necessary for a pediatric gastroenterologist.  Our fellows graduate confident in their experience and skills, but humbled by the vast amount of knowledge that is still out there.  As your attendings, we are here to guide you in the path towards independence, although even the most experienced among us are still learning on a daily basis.  While we cannot teach you everything by the time you graduate, we can arm you with the knowledge and expertise to practice independently and the skills necessary to continue to seek knowledge and learn, which will serve you throughout your career.

Leslie Small-Harary, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Program Director, Pediatric Gastroenterology Fellowship Program

Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Program Director’s Welcome
Deciding on a fellowship program can be difficult but here at Stony Brook Children’s, we offer a rewarding experience as a Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellow.  Fellowship is a time to build upon your pediatric residency knowledge and to develop into an independent neonatologist. Our NICU has single patient rooms which help to provide privacy and comfort to our NICU families and patients.  The environment allows our fellows to develop close relationships to families and to provide excellent care to our precious neonates.  We offer extensive training in procedural skills and neonatal resuscitation while providing a wide array of clinical pathology and a well-rounded educational experience. At Stony Brook Children’s, our Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship offers a challenging training program that will provide you with the skills necessary to become independent and confident.  As a fellow, you will be an integral part of our family and we will guide and prepare you as you embark on your future career as a Neonatologist.   Stony Brook Children’s welcomes you as you begin the next chapter of your medical education.

Jennifer Pynn, MD
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics
Program Director, Neonatal Perinatal Medicine Fellowship Program