Seminars and Conferences

In addition to weekly PGY-specific didactics, the following educational activities are also provided:

Departmental Grand Rounds

  • Required (PGY 1 – PGY 4)
  • Contact: Sara Weisenbach, PhD, Jodi Weinstein, MD, Katherine Jonas, PhD
  • Occurs weekly
  • Topics in psychiatry related to the latest research studies and findings as well as clinical topics drawn from the clinical experience at Stony Brook. Typical topics have included Cultural Psychiatry (James Thompson, Elizabeth Lunbeck); Schizophrenia (Alan Mendelewicz, John Kane, Donald Goff); Neurological Disorders (Lauren Krupp); Dementia (Constantine Lyketsos, Stephen Roose). In addition to outside speakers, individual Departmental Divisions make presentations often with resident participation. Each Grand Rounds talk is followed by a lunch for the speaker and the residents. Each week a resident is given the assignment to lead a discussion about the speakers work and career.

Journal Club

  • Required (PGY 1 – PGY 4)
  • Contact: Dr. Emily Hill
  • Occurs every other week
  • Residents present articles from the recent peer-reviewed literature. Article selection is tied to one of the six general competencies. Residents are required to utilize the following format: 1) review of the abstract; 2) review of the background to the research and article objectives; 3) review of the study methods; 4) review of ethical issues raised by and addressed in the study; 5) review of the study results; 6) review of the study conclusions; 7) the resident's personal perspective on the study.

Outpatient Case Conference

  • Required (PGY 3)
  • Contact: Dr. Marsha Karant
  • Occurs weekly
  • Residents present a challenging patient for review. The resident presents the patient's history and mental status exam. This is followed by a live patient interview by either a resident or the Attending. This is followed by a discussion of the clinical issues.

Psychotherapy Case Conference

  • Required (PGY 3)
  • Contact: Jimmy Master, PsyD
  • Occurs weekly
  • Residents present audio- or videotaped recordings of their work with patients for analysis in a group seminar format. Residents are required to discuss the content of the session and the technique of the resident therapist. Specific suggestions are made for the benefit of the resident therapist and his/her patient.

Basic Psychiatric Interviewing

  • Required (PGY 1, PGY 2)
  • Contact: Andrew Deptula, PhD,  Cynthia Cervoni, PhD
  • Occurs weekly
  • Residents present videotaped recordings of interviews with patients for analysis in a group seminar format. Residents are invited to critique the interview with the guidance of the Attending Psychiatrist. Suggestions are made for improving interviewing technique. The goals of this course are: 1) to learn to engage the patient in a treatment relationship; 2) to learn to elicit clinically relevant data; 3) to begin to utilize the interview as a means for developing a clinical relationship with the patient.

Writing Seminar

  • Required (PGY 1 - PGY 4)
  • Contact: Dr. Nikhil Palekar
  • Occurs monthly
  • This seminar is a place for residents to practice writing for publication. The goal is to foster a collegial environment to promote and support scholarly work. Residents draft case reports write ups and their fellow residents serve as reviewers.

PRITE Review

  • Required (PGY1 – PGY4)
  • Contact: Chief Residents
  • Review of psychiatry and neurology based upon previous PRITE questions. Topics relevant to the PRITE exam are covered: human growth and development, adult psychopathology, emergency psychiatry, behavioral science and social psychiatry, psychosocial therapies, somatic treatment methods, patient evaluation and treatment selection, consultation-liaison psychiatry, child psychiatry, addiction psychiatry, geriatric psychiatry and forensic psychiatry. Residents prepared detailed analyses of previous year's PRITE questions.