Mark Sedler’s Photographic Images of Colombia on Display in Hospital Lobby

A dozen photographs taken by Mark Sedler, MD, Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, are on display at the entrance to the Hospital cafeteria on Level 5. They are from a exhibition titled Imágenes de Colombia: Dentro de la Gente, which was recently mounted in the Spanish Embassy in the Plaza Santa Domingo in Cartagena Colombia.

The photographs are accompanied by notes describing Dr. Sedler’s excursions into the crowded markets and rural villages around Cartagena where he is a frequent visitor. He is a visiting professor on the faculty of medicine at the Corporación Universitaria Rafael Núñez and has taken Stony Brook medical students to Cartagena during the past two summers as part of the School of Medicine’s global education program. 

As a psychiatrist photographer, Dr. Sedler is naturally fascinated by human nature and he often engages his subjects were they live and work. In order to explore the less well known parts of the city in and around Cartagena he has ventured into the urban markets, the poorest neighborhoods and travelled to small villages outside the city where the majority of people live.

The exhibition, which was organized by Senior Associate Executive Director Laurie Rafkin, will be on display through October.