Clinical Imaging Research

Clinical Imaging Research Center (Director Dr. Tim Duong, PhD).  The mission is to provide biomedical imaging services to SBU research community and to encourage collaborations across research disciplines through inclusion of imaging. We work with investigators to design imaging studies, implement and apply imaging acquisition and analysis methods, execute imaging studies, carry out image analysis (inclusive of clinical reads for research), as well as explore novel biomedical imaging applications. It is also our mission to enhance biomedical imaging research at SBU by providing education, training and support to interested individuals. Our business model includes both collaboration and fee-for-service.

Contact: Dr. Tim Duong



Humans imaging
           PET/MRI 3T, 3T Prisma, 3T Skyra, 3T Pioneer, a few 1.5T, others
           CT, SPECT, PET, 3D Tomo

Image analysis, Computing resources, IT and data storage