About Us

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The Stony Brook Stem Cell Facility, established in 2009 by funds provided by the New York State Department of Health, is an integrated facility designed to provide research infrastructure for stem cell isolation, distribution, and genetic characterization.  The Facility is comprised of faculty from various colleges throughout the University as a single point-of-entry site focusing on stem cell research.

We provide integrated services for:

  1. Stem cell processing, derivation, distribution, and storage
  2. Viral vector development and genetic transduction of stem cells
  3. Proteomic, genomic, bioimaging, and phenotypic characterization of stem cells

We also provide:

  1. A unique educational resource for students, teachers, and the public
  2. Hands-on instructional venues to train a specialized workforce for industry partners developing stem cell technologies
  3. An integrated resource for ethical and legislative issues relevant to stem cell research

Our facility is generously funded by NYSTEM Contract #C026716

Proud member of Stem Cell COREdinates, a consortium of pluripotent stem cell core facilities


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