General Information

Academic Calendar
Phase I Academic Calendar-Class of 2019_2.pdf

Course Information    
Logon to and click on View Courses. Select a course and click on the name of the course. The course schedule can be accessed. 

AOA Medical Student Honor Society (Website is under construction)

SOM Chairs, Course Directors and Advisors.pdf 

What to do if you have academic difficulty?   

Policies and Procedures 

MD with Scholarly Concentrations Program Information and Application

Research & Summer Opportunities    

Careers in Medicine     

Electives are not required but are available to first year students.

  • Rising Leaders in Healthcare (if successfully completed for a grade, this earns you 2 weeks of 4th year elective credit)
  • Global Health I & II (if successfully completed for a grade, this earns you 2 weeks of 4th year elective credit)
  • Med 501 Medical Spanish (does not carry elective credit “time”)
  • You can add these electives by using a drop/add form.

How will you know what’s going on?
The Office of Undergraduate Medical Education has a standard once a week email called “TGIF”. This email will fill you in on next week’s events, calendar concerns, what’s new and other important information. Other emails will occasionally be sent from administration in this office. Read the emails. Read the websites. Read our power points. Come to Town Meetings. Talk to your peers and to upper class members.

The Information for Current Student Websites include….

  • Who to contact and how for academic difficulty, advising, counseling, course information.
  • What to do if you have a needlestick or other exposure to blood borne pathogens.
  • How to ask for a leave of absence. (Use CBase: Documents tab, then excused absence tab)
  • What to do if you have to miss a mandatory class or session and when to do it. (Use CBase to request an excused absence.)
  • The School’s Policies and Procedures (Read them. There is a wealth of information that is important to you.) 

Town Meetings
Your class reps will meet with the Vice Dean once a month to discuss issues that are important to you. They will also help to plan a monthly Town Meeting where you can voice your opinions and concerns to faculty and administration. Your feedback is very important to us. We can’t be responsive to your needs unless you communicate what they are to us.

Registering for USMLE Step 1 Exam 
How to Register to Take the USMLE Step 1 Exam.pdf

Registration for the Third Year
Registration occurs January through early March. Use CBase to enter your choices of courses, sites and dates. Registration choice entry ends the first week in March and results are distributed in CBase electronically. There is a class meeting in January to explain how to register. Additional information is offered during advising workshops and class & Town meetings. Information about the Winthrop Campus is given during the January meeting. Watch TGIF notices for more information.

Residency Programs (GME)