Our vision for the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to maintain a culture that embraces diversity and inclusion with a variety of efforts including spreading awareness of diversity related issues and promoting inclusion of diverse faculty, trainees, and staff.  Our specific objectives include: 

  • Promoting accessibility of our services to a diverse patient population taking into account sensitivity towards specific needs of diverse populations;
  • Educating our faculty, trainees, and staff on how to approach patients with mental health problems when specific challenges arise involving matters of diversity; 
  • Enhancing communication of diversity-related topics by running quarterly roundtable discussions, adding diversity subject matter to our departmental grand rounds, and having unique events that celebrate diversity such as an annual multicultural show; and,
  • Diversifying our faculty, trainees and staff through enhancing recruitment and retainment of a vast array of unique individuals. We hope that through these initiatives, we can always be cognizant of how matters of diversity and inclusion impact our profession and our daily lives as individuals.  Diversity and Inclusion are of the utmost importance to us. 

Strategic Plan and Updates

Diversity and Inclusion Partners