Compuational and Bioinformatic Analysis Core (CBAC)

Computational and Bioinformatics Analysis Core (CBAC)

Scientific Director:  Dr. Song Wu, Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Phone:  631-632-8872


The facility provides full computational support for stem cell research that requires analysis of large data sets relevant to stem cell biology.  The Bioinformatics Facility maintains a dedicated server with gigabyte processor for optimal manipulation of large-scale sequencing, proteomic, or other data sets.  Fully integrated computational systems for SNP association studies, genetic pathways analysis and extraction of Next Generation sequencing data are available. 

Services Include:

  • Sequence Analysis (DNA/RNA/protein)
  • Functional pathway analysis (systems biology)
  • Gene expression (mRNA and miRNA) and protein (mass spectrometric) analysis
  • SNP analysis and association studies
  • Data visualization and presentation
  • Next Generation Data Extraction and Analysis
  • Experimental Design and Bioinformatics consultation