Stem Cell Processing and Education Core (SCPEC)

Stem Cell Processing and Education Core (SCPEC)

Scientific Director: Dr. Nedialka (Nelli) Markova

Phone: 631-216-7427


The SCPEC serves as the primary repository for hESC lines and iPSC that are derived by Stony Brook researchers, those throughout New York state or nationally. The generation and distribution of all cell lines follows strict federal and international guidelines pertaining to stem cell research. 

The SCPEC supports two key functions: 

(1) Isolation, processing, characterization, distribution, and cryopreservation of stem cells for Core Users

(2)  Education and training of users, students, and the public on stem cells (the educational/training needs will vary depending on target audience). The education/training component of this Core will be developed as a unique New York resource to enhance student education at multiple levels, public awareness, and to serve as a resource for training the next-generation workforce in stem cell technologies and potential commercialization. The SCPEC will work closely with the Stem Cell Gene Transfer Core to provide genetically modified cells to facilitate investigators’ needs.

Available cell lines: hESC, iPSCs, CD34+ HSCs (Contact Dr. Markova for specific lines)

Note that no lines will be released to investigators unless they have satisfied SCRO approval in their individual laboratories

For inquires about CD34+ cells contact Lisa Malone (