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Classroom Scheduling - Making a Reservation

1. Obtain and complete a FACILITIES REQUEST FORM. Copies of this form are available in the Media Services Central Office on level 3, room 151 in the HSC, through one of our recognized Sponsors, or via the web at our Forms link.  

Information necessary to complete this form follows:

STATEMENT OF NEEDS- - should include purpose of the gathering, seating requirements, time, day and date. You may also include any assignment preferences you may have. Please note that matching preferences is not always possible, but always considered.

SECURING SPONSORSHIP - - A signature of sponsorship is required before the request is submitted for consideration by the Coordinator of Classroom Assignments. Approval by a sponsor endorses the use of the Center for the stated purpose. Any charges incurred by the event are the responsibility of the Requestor. It should be understood that the signature of a sponsor in no way guarantees the space for your specific request. The sponsor's signature provides only departmental endorsement of the request. Sponsor List

2. REQUEST SUBMISSION: Once the form is completed and signed by the sponsor, it should be returned to Media Services.

3. SCHEDULING: Scheduling cycles are based upon the Center's Academic Calendar. Degree-granting academic programs of the HSC have first preference to our pool of teaching spaces. Once the semester blocks, exams and lectures are in place, other requests will be scheduled on a first-come, first-serve basis. The academic programs are generally scheduled in April and again in November. Requests for one-session events are accepted throughout the year and are processed after academic courses are in place.

4. CONFIRMATION: Once your completed and signed request is processed, the Classroom Coordinator will email or send via campus mail, a hard copy of the confirmation to the sponsor or the requestor. Please note that you are being confirmed for the space only. If you need any additional support in conjunction with your event, it must be directed to the department providing the service.