Gilbert Rahme

Gilbert J. Rahme, Ph.D., Principal Investigator

Gilbert was born and raised in Beirut, Lebanon. After a Bachelor's degree at the Lebanese University, and a Master's degree in Science at the American University of Beirut, Gilbert joined Mark Israel's lab at Dartmouth for his Ph.D. focusing on signaling pathways that underly brain tumor pathology. He then joined Bradley Bernstein's lab at Harvard Medical School for his postdoctoral research, focusing on brain tumor epigenetics. During his free time, Gilbert loves to spend time with his wife and two daughters, playing the guitar, and enjoying the wonderful beaches the Long Island area offers!

Jina yim

Jina Yim, B.S., MS Student

Jina is a Master's student from South Korea. She studied biochemistry in SUNY Binghamton as an undergraduate, and joined Dr. Callahan's lab as a research assistant focusing on Sonic Hedgehog signaling in tumors. Jina is interested in studying the epigenetic changes that drive brain tumors, especially motivated to ultimately help people suffering from this devastating disease. In her free time, Jina likes to be with her wonderful niece, play tennis, and explore different food from all over the world!

Stilianos Papazahariou

Stilianos (Steven) Papazahariou, B.S., Research Support Specialist

Steven is Greek-American and grew up in Queens, New York. He graduated from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor's of Science in Biology, and is very excited to join the Rahme Lab as a Research Support Specialist, focusing his studies on brain tumor epigenetics. During his free time, he likes to be with his friends and family, play guitar, and sing. 

Christian Jefferson

Christian Jefferson, Undergraduate

Christian is a freshman undergraduate at Stony Brook University and was born and raised in Maryland. He plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and is excited to study cancer epigenetics in the Rahme Lab. When he is not working hard on the bench, Christian likes to read, spend time with his friends, and explore different genres of music.

Diana Zirui Shao

Diana (Zirui) Shao, Undergraduate

Diana is a sophomore undergraduate majoring in biochemistry and AMS. She is a pre-dental student currently working as a dental assistant in Queens. During her free time, she enjoys origami, going out with her friends, and trying out new restaurants in the city!

Aviya Boyce

Aviya Boyce, Undergraduate

Aviya is a Caribbean-American freshman student pursuing her Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Psychology at Stony Brook University. She is very grateful to be studying cancer epigenetics in the Rahme Lab. In her free time, Aviya likes to dance, learn new songs on the piano, socialize with family and friends, and travel.

Yerona (Yerong) Lin

Yerona (Yerong) Lin, Undergraduate

Yerona is a sophomore undergraduate at Stony Brook University and grew up in Queens, New York. She plans to graduate with a Bachelor’s of Science in Biology and Psychology. Yerona is a Pre-Pharmacy student interested in Cancer biology, and is excited to study brain tumor epigenetics in the Rahme Lab. In her free time, Yerona likes to be with her friends, read novels, and watch movies.

Afwan Mahmood

Afwan Mahmood, Undergraduate

Afwan is a Sophomore studying Biology with an interest in oncology and epigenetics. Afwan comes from Queens, NY but was born in Bangladesh. In his free time, Afwan likes working out, learning the guitar, and hiking.

Tammy Ruan

Tammy Ruan, Undergraduate

Tammy is a Brooklyn native. She is a junior undergraduate student majoring in Biology at Stony Brook University. Tammy is thrilled to be a part of Rahme Lab to learn more about cancer epigenetics and to collaborate with the team. During her downtime, she enjoys spending time with family and friends while scouting new dining spots.

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Key Collaborators:

Our science could not be done without our excellent collaborators.

We collaborate with the Mofakham and Mikell lab, Kim lab, Tsirka lab, Suva lab (Harvard), and the Bernstein lab (Harvard). We are always open to build new collaborations! Please contact us!