Center for Understanding Biology using Imaging Technology (CUBIT)

The Center for Understanding Biology using Imaging Technology (CUBIT) uses advanced imaging modalities to investigate neuropsychiatric disorders and their treatment. The group makes important discoveries related to psychiatric disorders as well as developing new radioligands and techniques for quantification and analysis.
Pathophysiology and Treatment of Bipolar Disorder Characterization of a New Metabotropic Glutamate Receptor Subtype 5 PET Ligand Biosignature of Antidepressant Response

CUBIT is conducting a multi-site study of the underlying causes of bipolar disorder using advanced brain scanning techniques.


CUBIT is characterizing a novel PET radioligand, an antagonist of the metabotropic glutamate receptor subtype 5 (mGluR5), in humans.


The CUBIT participates in a multi-site research project seeking biosignatures for the personalized treatment of depression.


Biomarkers of Major Depressive Disorder Reference region approaches in PET  CUBIT Datasets

 CUBIT combines several imaging modalities, using advanced machine learning and statistical classification techniques to develop a deeper understanding of the pathophysiology of depression.


CUBIT develops reference region approaches for positron emission tomography (PET) brain studies in order to obtain full quantification without arterial input function sampling, an invasive and costly procedure.


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Director of CUBIT 

Christine DeLorenzo, PhD, earned her doctoral degree in Biomedical Engineering at Yale University. After completing a Postdoctoral research fellowship in the Division of Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology at Columbia University, Dr. DeLorenzo was appointed Assistant Professor of Clinical Neurobiology at Columbia University. In 2012 she was appointed Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Stony Brook University. In 2016 she was promoted to Associate Professor.


Stephanie Brown, PhD

Kenneth Gadow, PhD

Doreen Olvet, PhD

Francesca Zanderigo, PhD


Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

Zafer Işcan, PhD


Clinical Psychologist

Nehal Vadhan, PhD


Study Coordinators

Sunia Choudhury, MA

Kalynn Gruenfelder, BA

Ryan Patterson, BA

George Wright, MS



Stephen Huysman, BS


Data Analysts

John Gardus, MEng

Ananth Narayanan, PhD


Visiting Professor

M. Çağdaş Eker, PhD