Wei-Che (Philip) Chiu

SBMS Trainee: Wei-Che (Philip) Chiu

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Graduate Advisor: Prof. Danny Bluestein, Ph.D.
Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering
Email: wei-che.chiu@stonybrook.edu


Among the broad research interests I have, my primary focus is on evaluating or improving the thromboresistance of prosthetic cardiovascular devices, such as ventricular assist devices (VADs) and total artificial hearts (TAHs). Specifically, I conduct comparative studies of VADs' platelet activation potential and investigate the effects of different implant configurations on the device thromboresistance.

The thromboresistances of different VADs were successfully compared using both numerical simulations and in vitro experiments. According to results obtained from numerical simulations, the anastomosis angles of the outflow cannulation with respect to the aortic root affect the device thrombogenic potential. Moreover, the radial orientation of the VAD with respect to the curved inflow cannula may also affect the device thrombogenic potential. This novel discovery may potentially reveal the cause of several post-implantation complications.

The VAD is utilized as a long-term therapy prior to cardiac transplantation and is also used as a life-long therapy for non-transplantation candidates. Incorporating engineering aspects in implantation may facilitate the success of VADs as long-term destination therapy devices.