Chaudhry Hassan

SBMS Trainee: Chaudhry Hassan

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Graduate Advisor: Dr. Yi-Xian Qin
Clinical Advisor:
Graduate Program: Biomedical Engineering




Osteoarthritis (OA) is an age-related degenerative disease involving knee joint articular cartilage degeneration. OA patients experience medial knee compression which leads to pain and high stress in medial meniscus. Current knee decompression clinical practices range from meniscus removal to total knee arthroplasty which reduce pain and cure OA. However, these surgical interventions are not recommended for patients with mild OA and young athletes with knee joint injures. In recent years, less destabilizing and complicated surgical methods such as bone osteotomy have been proposed as alternatives to total knee arthroplasty for mild OA. One of my doctorate research aims include determining the effect of fibula osteotomy on the osteoarthritic knee using computational finite element (FE) models, and further validation by cadaver human and animal samples. Through FE models, I aim to predict stress concentration and fluid flow and pressure in the meniscus, articular cartilage, and subchondral bone of healthy, osteoarthritic, and fibula osteotomized knee joint.