Kayla Gogarty

SBMS Trainee: Kayla Gogarty

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Graduate Advisor: Dr. Peter Tonge
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Helene Benveniste
Graduate Program: Chemistry
Email: kayla.gogarty@stonybrook.edu


Bio: As a research student in Dr. Tonge’s lab, my research involves pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics (PKPD) modeling to link pharmacokinetic parameters with drug efficacy. The goal of this project is to apply this model to various in vivo systems, such as osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is a disease that affects millions of people worldwide and is associated with synovial membrane inflammation and chronic pain. Using PET imaging, an inflammation tracer can be used to determine in vivo PD in terms of inflammatory response and pain and the PKPD model will be used to link these measurements with B-cell receptor occupancy in vitro.