John Klecker

SBMS Trainee: John Klecker

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Graduate Advisor: Dr. Peter Tonge
Clinical Advisor: Dr. Michael Schuster
Graduate Program: Chemistry




Hailing from Minneapolis Minnesota, I am currently a graduate student in the Chemistry PhD program at Stony Brook University. I am continually learning how to apply my multidisciplinary scientific background within the chemical biology lab of Dr. Peter Tonge. I am working on research projects spanning from the design, synthesis, and kinetics of novel antimycobacterial candidates to PK/PD modeling of Btk inhibitors in various types of lymphoma. As a trainee in the SBMS program my research focuses on answering questions around how to develop effective PK/PD models to maximize efficacious does response using Btk inhibitors to treat various types of cancer in humans. My interdisciplinary research reflects my training in the liberal arts receiving a B.A. in Biochemistry and Classics at Augustana University.