Dr Chaner Sadasivan
PI: Chander Sadasivan
Assistant Professor
Department of Neurosurgery

Minimally invasive, catheter-based, interventions are largely successful in treating vascular diseases such as brain aneurysms, ischemic stroke, arteriovenous malformations, or chronic subdural hematomas. Like most other fields of medicine, there is still room for improvement to provide safer and more effective care to patients. Our lab is mainly interested in better understanding and improving upon these procedures, specifically through investigating new agents and devices in collaboration with medical companies as well as developing training and testing models to help physicians optimize patient care. We primarily conduct these evaluations in our Zeego lab, which is a complete angiography suite dedicated purely to research. We actively collaborate with faculty in the departments of Surgery, Material Science and Chemical Engineering, Oral Biology and Pathology, Mechanical Engineering, and Computer Science to analyze data, create 3D models, and test the efficacy of existing and new devices used for vascular procedures.