Our Staff

image Andrew Wackett, MD
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
As Associate Dean for Student Affairs, Dr. Wackett provides overall leadership for the Office of Student Affairs’ operations, which includes academic and career advising, registration and records, financial aid, and student organizations and activities. Most students who struggle with academic issues, specialty selection, or personal issues seek Dr. Wackett’s advice. If he is unable to help you, he will direct you to those who can. As the Course Director for the Introduction to Clinical Medicine and the Transition to Residency courses, Dr. Wackett will also be very involved in your clinical education both at the beginning and end of your training.
image Mary Jean Allen, MS
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
NBME Executive Chief Proctor
Mary Jean Allen is known to most students beginning with interview day, when she presents financial information on attending medical school.  Ms. Allen manages all aspects of financial aid processing for entering and continuing medical students.  As Executive Chief Proctor for the NBME exams, she manages all customized exams in Phase I and shelf exams in Phase II.  Ms. Allen determines and monitors RSOM student health policy requirements and additional requirements for clinical coursework.   She oversees several RSOM annual events, most notably the May Convocation and August Orientation.
image Richard Iuli, PhD
Medical Education Specialist
Director, Pathways to Success
Within the Office of Student Affairs, Dr. Iuli directs Pathways to Success (P2S), a comprehensive co-curricular program that integrates academic and career advising, peer feedback and self-assessment, professional identity formation, and student wellness throughout all three phases of the LEARN curriculum. In addition to being a member of the Student Affairs team, he is also a member of the Curricular Affairs team. Dr. Iuli also serves as Course Director for the Transition to Medical and Dental School course and Course Co-Director for the Transition to Clinical Care course.
image Caroline Lazzaruolo
As Registrar for the School of Medicine, Ms. Lazzaruolo is in charge of maintaining the academic records for our current MD students and MD alumni.  She also handles medical school enrollment and course scheduling for students throughout their time in medical school.  The Registrar’s office also handles transcript requests, USMLE certifications, medical licensure processing, medical school verifications, among other academic support services.
image Linda DeMotta, MS
Learning Specialist
Linda De Motta provides learning and academic support services and programs to medical students at throughout their undergraduate medical education training.  She has over 25 years of experience teaching, tutoring and coaching students. While the demands of medical school can be overwhelming, the effort to negotiate these demands can bring great rewards.  Ms. DeMotta works to ensure that all RSOM students enjoy success in their academic pursuits and reap the greatest possible rewards from their efforts.
image Anita Henninger
Administrative Assistant
Anita Henninger supports RSOM student clubs, organizations and activities, student travel, Pathways to Success (Advising PODs and CAREERS), and the three Transition courses – Transition to Medical and Dental School, Transition to Clinical Care, and Transition to Residency. Ms. Henninger handles all RSOM room requests and coordinates special events, such as the White Coat Ceremony, Match Day, and Graduation. She also monitors student compliance with health requirements, mask fit testing, and the VA.
image Jeanine Fazzini
Administrative Assistant
Jeanine Fazzini provides administrative support to the Registrar’s Office, processing RSOM student requests for letters of good standing, enrollment verification, jury duty letters, official and unofficial transcripts, and OSAP forms. Ms. Fazzini also handles in-school deferments, graduation verifications, excused absence verifications, VSLO and away electives, affiliation agreements, medical education verification for graduated students, and anything requiring the Registrar’s signature.
image Debra Sepulveda
Administrative Assistant
Debra Sepulveda provides administrative support to the Office of Student Affairs including the Three-Year MD Program, student compliance with health, HIPAA, etc.  She also handles excused absence and LOAs, CBase grades/comments.  She is the main support person for the Committee on Academic and Professional Progress (CAPP), as well as the MSPE-ERAS-Match processes.