The Mind Body Clinical Research Center (MB-CRC) is at the forefront of integrating physical and mental health care. We work closely with primary care and other health care providers to help improve behavioral, mental and physical health.

Our goal is to improve overall wellness in individuals and communities.  

What is Mind-Body Medicine?

Mind-body medicine is built on the foundation that thoughts, behaviors, emotions, biology and environmental influence can interact to positively and negatively affect one's mental and physical health.

In fact, scientific research supports the mental-physical health link and indicates that when mental illness is present at the same time as a physical illness, overall wellness and quality of life suffers. 

By identifying risk and resiliency factors for mental health, we can help people make changes early to prevent the development or worsening of mental illness, promote resiliency, preserve physical health and improve overall wellness.  


The mission of the MB-CRC is to improve the mental and physical health of individuals and communities through providing integrative mental and physical health care, conducting basic and applied cutting-edge research, and training tomorrow’s clinical research leaders. The MB-CRC fosters awareness, growth, and resiliency building in the process of mind-body healing and operates in an ethically and culturally sensitive manner.

The MBCRC carries out its mission through 3 core activities:

  • Clinical Services rooted in empirically supported treatment approaches to provide healing to both mind and body.
  • Research on underlying bio-psycho-social risk and resiliency factors at the intersection of mind-body and behavioral health problems, and the development, testing and refinement of targeted interventions.
  • Training future clinical researchers on basic and applied clinical science, with a focus on inspiring scholars from underrepresented backgrounds. 

MBCRC Team Members in the News:

  • February 15th, 2018: Dr. Mahaffey gives tips for managing social anxiety in a recent Huffington Post article. 
  • January 31st, 2018: Dr. Mahaffey explains self-harm behaviors in a recent US News and World Report article. 
  • October 15th, 2017: Dr. Gonzalez discussed ongoing research at the MBCRC aimed at helping astronauts stay psychologically healthy. 


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