Alan Turner: Datasets



Many of these dataset are available as supplemental information accompanying their initial publications. Character lists and nexus/tnt files are available here. Some are also available through Morphobank. Efforts are ongoing to transition many of these datasets to Morphobank

Therapod Phylogeny (7)
Turner et. al, 2012 (AMNH Bulletin)
Character ListNEXUS fileMorphoBank
Turner et al. 2011 (Novitates) Character ListTNT fileNotes
Nesbitt et al. 2011 (JVP)  Character ListTNT file 
Nesbitt et al. 2009 (Science) Character listTNT file MorphoBank
Turner et al. 2007 (Science)
Character list
TNT file 
Turner et al. 2007 (Novitates)  Character listTNT file 
Norell et al. 2006 (Novitates)  Character listTNT file 

Crocodylomorph Phylogeny (6)
Turner and Sertich, 2010 (JVP Memoir 10)Character listTNT fileMorphoBank

Pol et al. 2009 (AMNH Bulletin) 
Character list   TNT file 
Turner and Buckley, 2008 (JVP)                 Character list    TNT file
Turner, 2006 (Historical Biology)   Character list        TNT file   
Turner and Calvo, 2005 (JVP)                   Character list    TNT file
Turner, 2004 (Proc. B)                                 Character list  TNT file