Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

To use simulation technology and state of the art medical technologies to support the education, development, and evaluation of healthcare professionals and students to create a safer environment for patients by:

  • Promoting  interdisciplinary teaching and team training
  • Improving clinical outcomes and promoting excellence in patient care
  • Improving communication skills and professionalism
  • Enabling learners to acquire and improve their skills and knowledge in support of life-long professional growth
  • Conducting research that expands clinical knowledge and advances the field of simulation education


To further the educational and clinical mission of the Stony Brook Medicine, SUNY Stony Brook, and the community by providing high quality innovative simulation training with state of the art technology to ultimately ensure all patients are provided with excellent, compassionate and safe care.

To be a premier educational center for promoting excellence in training for all healthcare providers/students in a safe, fun, welcoming and open environment.

To conduct research that expands clinical knowledge.



The Clinical Simulation Center shares the values of Stony Brook Medicine that include Integrity, Compassion, Accountability, Respect and Excellence:

Integrity – We are honest and ethical in all our interactions.

Compassion – We provide empathic care with attentive listening and affirmation.

Accountability – We hold ourselves accountable to our community, to our organization and to each other for our performance and behaviors.

Respect – We foster an environment of mutual respect and trust, embracing diversity in people and thinking.

Excellence – We set the highest standards for safety, clinical outcomes and service.

In addition, we value professionalism in dress and behavior for every activity and respect for patients and our colleagues.  Our belief in the Clinical Simulation Center for all activities is that

“All participants at the Clinical Simulation Center are intelligent, skilled, and caring professionals committed to excellence, patient safety and self-improvement.” 

Therefore, individuals can learn freely and not be intimidated that a mistake during training will reflect poorly on them.  This is a safe environment to learn in.