Participant Resources

This page is dedicated to all learners who participate in simulation at the CSC.  You have access to specific links pertaining to your school.  Once you have accessed your link and logged in using the specific set of credentials provided to you via CBase/Blackboard, you will then see a your rotation containing scheduled times and pertinent information. 

This page also provides you with general instructions for accessing your encounter/followup videos for review.  Please use the links below to login and view your schedule.

SOM (School of Medicine)
SON (Advanced Practice Nursing Program)
SDM (Dental) 
GME (Residents & Fellows)

General Video Access Instructions

To access your encounter videos, please click HERE.

1.  Login using the credentials provided to you at the time of your OSCE.

2.  Once you've logged in, select the name of your activity under the Projects section.  Then you will see your case(s).    

4.  Select "View Encounter Videos" and "View Followup Videos" under the Video Files column to view your patient encounter/feedback.



To enable Adobe Flash Player, please click HERE.

If you need to install Adobe Flash Player, please click HERE

You will not be able to view your videos on any Apple iOS device (i.e., iPhone, iPad, iPod).


For questions, please contact the CSC at (631)444-2098 or email