Standardized Patient Program


Standardized Patients (SPs) are individuals trained to portray a patient with a condition or symptoms in a realistic, standardized and repeatable way. They are utilized for healthcare education, evaluation and research, in a simulated clinical environment. SPs assess and evaluate learner performance with history taking, physical exam and communication skills, as well as, deliver communication based verbal feedback.

We have a very robust SP program and utilize SP simulation in many different projects. Some of the projects that involve SP Simulation include; observed structured clinical exams (OSCEs), group interviews, interdisciplinary activities, faculty development, communication cases, and delivering bad news cases.

What is an OSCE?

OSCE is an acronym for Objective Structured Clinical Exam.  It describes a form of performance-based testing used to measure a student’s clinical competence. . During an OSCE, trainees are observed and evaluated as they go through a series of timed stations in which they interview, examine and treat standardized patients who present with some type of problem.  Stations are designed to test basic knowledge of history taking, physical examination, and communication skills.

CSC staff work closely with faculty to prepare for SP based simulation. Please be aware that scheduling a new SP event takes weeks to fully develop case materials based on objectives, recruitment and training of SPs, building your project and scheduling your activity. New events or events requiring new case materials/revision of case materials must be scheduled 16 weeks in advance.  Repeat SP activities/OSCEs must be scheduled 12 weeks in advance

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