Rotations/Required Activities

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The following is the required length for each rotation of the internship. 

Rotations (Distance)
  • Nutrition Therapy: 600 hours - 2 sites required
  • Food Service Management: 150 hours
  • Community Nutrition: 262.5 hours
  • Elective: 75 hours
Rotations (Virtual)
  • Longitudinal Research: 28 hours - (dates TBD - all sessions will be from 7:00-9:00 PM EST)
  • Renal: 30 hours
Onsite (Stony Brook) Training Weeks   
  • Orientation
  • Evaluation & Review Week 

Interns may plan the rotations in any order they wish. Planned breaks may be taken, and should be discussed with your site preceptor.  Applicants are highly encouraged to schedule their Nutrition Therapy rotations later in the internship year to allow for more time for the Program to negotiate Clinical Affiliation Agreements.  These negotiations are often more time-consuming with large hospitals.

Breaks and office closings should be figured into the hours spent at each rotation site.  Days missed may be made up by extending the rotation.  Nutrition Therapy weeks can be modified with at least 262.5 hours at an acute care setting.