Application and Forms

Where to Begin

If you are interested in a clinical or research elective or program you should familiarize yourself with the range of opportunities described briefly on the website.  To learn more,  the best approach is to make an appointment with Dr. Sedler, Associate Dean for Global Medical Education.  You may arrange an appointment by writing directly to

There are a number of specialized forms that you will need to complete depending on the activity.  For electives you may need to enroll in the course and fill out an elective application form. Consult Laurel Loh, Administrative Assistant for Global Medical Education, in the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education on L-4.  For international travel there are forms and waivers available online that are required by the University for sanctioned or sponsored travel.  In addition, you may be required to obtain or document health/travel insurance.  Specific waivers are also required if you plan to travel to any site listed on the U.S. State Department Warning List.   Insurance and waivers can be obtained in the Bursar’s Office adjacent to the International Programs Office in the Melville Library, 4th floor, Main Campus. 

If you have questions you should consult Laurel Loh at (631) 638-7807 or in the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education on L-4.