The Scholarly Concentration in Global Health Track

For those students who would like to make a 4 year commitment to a scholarly concentration in global health there is a specialized academic track.  Application instructions for scholarly concentrations may be found here.

Track  Leader:  Dr.    Mark  Sedler 
Requirements:    6  months  total  effort  in  combined  research,  clinical,  academic,  and 
administrative  work  for  international  programs  and  global  health  over  4  years.  Applications are due March 31.  
  1. Scholarly project in global  health carried out for at least 2 consecutive months with at least 6 weeks dedicated at an international site.  Credit for up to 2 weeks of research is based on the design and presentation of the project proposal together with securing IRB approval if the project involves human subjects.  This typically occurs in the summer months during Phase I.   Projects require both an onsite (Stony Brook faculty) mentor and an international site mentor.  The project may be eligible for an International Research Fellowship award, but may be self-funded or rely on other sources.  Note:  For students who apply for the SCGH, the Stony Brook mentor assumes responsibility for supervising the student over the entire course of the concentration.
  2. A brief oral presentation of the project must be given upon the student's return (end of summer or early fall).  In addition, a written report (500-1000 words) is due by October 1st following the research activity.  This report should follow standard abstract format and include preliminary results/conclusions.  If data analysis is not complete, then the report should provide a timeline for conclusion of the study. 
  3. The SCGH requires the completion of ten hours of curriculum (see Global Health Curriculum). Typically, this is based on participation in the Global Health Journal Club; alternative curricular proposals will be considered subject to approval.
  4. Additional work in Phase III that achieves a minimum of 6 months total effort must include at least 2 months solely dedicated to academic work in this track.  This may include additional engagement at an international site or continued work based on research conducted in the Phase I.   A new research project in the area of Global Health may be undertaken with the approval of the track director.  
  5. Students are required to present their academic work in the form of a poster presentation at Research Day in May of their 4th year.  Selected students may be invited to give an oral presentation as well.  This academic product may be based on work done during the original research project or subsequent work in the area of global health.  It should include a literature search and conclusions based on some aspect of the work done during the scholarly concentration.