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Wellness Resources

Your fellow students have created the following PDF to show you wellness resources on and off campus: Wellness Map.

Student Health

Prior to matriculation, all entering medical students are required to submit the initial School of Medicine Health History Form.  This form is emailed to all accepted students.  Medical student health requirements exceed the requirements of undergraduates and other graduate/professional students at the university.  

Medical student pre-matriculation health requirements include:

  • Complete vaccine history and blood test results showing immunity for:
    • Measles,
    • Mumps
    • Rubella
    • Hepatitis B
    • Varicella
    • Tuberculin Testing (PPD Mantoux OR Quantiferon Gold results accepted)
    • Complete Physical Exam
    • History of DTAP and Polio vaccines; history of Tetanus vaccination within 10 years 
    • Covid Vaccine
  • Recommended immunizations include:
    • Meningococcal Meningitis within 5 years
    • Tetanus within 10 years
    • HPV 

 Each year, students are required to submit documentation of: 

  • Annual tuberculin testing (PPD Mantoux OR Quantiferon Gold results must be submitted annually)
  • Annual physical exam
  • Annual influenza vaccine 

Testing can be done at the Student Health Service on West Campus; Influenza vaccines are offered by the SHS and by University Hospital. 

Clinical affiliates and off campus elective sites may have health requirements exceeding those of the School of Medicine.  Clinical students must be in compliance with both School of Medicine and clinical affiliate health policies. 

Student Health Service


Student Wellness

Counseling and Psychological Services

The University Office of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) is located on the second floor of Student Health Services.  CAPS offers free and confidential services to all enrolled students at the university, including medical students.   CAPS has a satellite office on level 3 of the HSC, and sees students by appointment. 

Services include crisis intervention, counseling for individuals, couples, and groups; consultation to student, faculty, staff friends and parents; medication management; and assistance with referrals to community resources.


Personal Conflict Resolution

The Ombuds Office provides a safe place to voice your concerns and explore options for productive conflict management and resolution.  The Ombuds is here to listen with an open mind and resolve problems fairly.  The Ombuds has a satellite office on Level 4 of the HSC. 


Work/Life Balance
MeSH/Health and Wellness

MeSH (Medical Student Happiness, Health, and Humanism) is an organization founded at Stony Brook School of Medicine by students and faculty who came together from the desire to better the lives of students. MeSH finds ways to alleviate the stress and burdens that often come with medical education and service.  Its aim is to promote activities that serve to increase student health and happiness by creating a community within our medical school and providing students with an outlet during stressful times.

Club Highlights:

  • Coffeehouses with open mic nights, board games, and food
  • Movie nights with catered dinners
  • Ice cream socials (with toppings!)
  • Resource cards for students