Cuzco, Peru

Promise to Peru

Sights on Health

Site coordinator:  Dr. Debra Messina Coritsidis
SB coordinator:  Dr. Mark Sedler

An NGO—A Promise to Peru--was founded by Dr. Coritsidis (ophthalmology) and Dr. John Shanley in 2011 to provide cataract surgery missions and supportive medical clinics to local populations in the rural area near  Cuzco Peru.  Stony Brook medical students have participated in these missions every year since the program was started. In recent years, the NGO has expanded its geographic presence to other sites in Latin America, most notably Ecuador, as well as at the Rosebud Indian Reservation in South Dakota.  As a result of this broader objective, the NGO has officially rebranded in 2019 as Sights on Health.

Many students who elect to join these clinical missions are supported by RSOM Alumni Association International Awards

In addition, each year a senior Stony Brook medical student receives funding from the Messina Award for Excellence in Global Initiatives