Research: How it will work



The Center for Healthy Aging functions as a discovery platform generating new basic science insights, drugs, devices, and clinical and informatic tools. The products will be evaluated in an age-friendly health system using implementation science and newer clinical study designs, such as cluster randomization and adaptive clinical trials. The latter will be created by combining the existing Age-Friendly Health System (AFHS), which is based on addressing the four "Ms" of mentation (mental activity), mobility, medication (polypharmacy), and what matters for aging patients, with a learning health system that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for risk stratification, clinical decision support and image analysis. The resulting Age-Friendly Learning Health System (AFLHS) will track outcomes, which will inform further research and clinical trials. The relationship between the CHA and AFHS is shown in this diagram. The “glue” connecting the major components will consist of interdisciplinary research grants, new geroscience training programs and biomedical informatics.

Science can make the aging  process easier