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Hal Skopicki Division Chief Cardiology

Hal Skopicki MD,
Division Chief

We are pleased to welcome you to the Stony Brook University Cardiology Division website. Our philosophy is driven by a never-ending desire for excellence in service to our patients and the community in clinical care, teaching, and research. We strive for integrating all stakeholders across the spectrum of an academic medical center to achieve the best possible results, including faculty and community physicians, nurses and staff, various departments, hospital and outpatient practice sites. Stony Brook Heart Institute further facilitates a seamless interaction between cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery for managing of patients as a ‘single’ team, regardless of their problem.

It is our responsibility to educate both the current and the future medical practitioners of Cardiology and we consider it a priority that our educational programs are second to none. We have fellowship programs in Cardiology, Electrophysiology, and Interventional Cardiology. There are multiple weekly seminars including grand rounds, where the local and invited faculty present state-of-the-art seminars. Bedside teaching remains a priority. There are numerous other yearly seminars as well, targeted at medical and lay community.

We are focused on studying the entire spectrum of cardiovascular disease from prevention to treatment across all sub-specialties, to explore the pathophysiology and to facilitate development and testing of novel drug, device, and procedural therapeutic interventions. Geographic proximity to the Brookhaven National Laboratory and the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, along with the other disciplines at the University provides a rich academic environment and facilitates collaborations and opportunities for research.

The membership of our division is comprised of a faculty with abundant talent and expertise to effectively and safely employ all cardiovascular interventions and give our patients therapeutic options for any major cardiovascular disease, including acute coronary syndromes, atrial and ventricular arrhythmias, hypertension, valvular heart disease, lipid management, and heart failure.

The impact of cardiovascular disease is more than the affected organs. We, therefore,  aim to provide a patient-centric approach to care and address patients and family caregivers concerns, both medical and otherwise. We strongly believe that our cumulative experience, the breadth of expertise we offer, the excellence of our physicians, nurses, staff, educators, and investigators at this institution provide great service to the residents of Long Island, New York, as well, nurture future leaders in cardiovascular medicine and research.