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Salary and Benefits


PGY-4 = $71,837
PGY-5 = $75,384
PGY-6 = $78,929
PGY-7 = $85,270

NB: These stipends reflect a “cost of living allowance” of $2,500 plus a “location stipend” of $3,026. They also are subject to annual increases, pending United University Professions (UUP) agreements


All housestaff at Stony Brook University are members of the United University Professions, the 35000 member union that represents professionals within higher education in the 29 state-operated SUNY campuses. Membership within UUP offers a multitude of benefits to members. More information regarding UUP benefits can be obtained at the online home of UUP.

Financial Support

Cardiology fellows are given $750 annually for funding for academic projects. This includes costs of travel to national conferences, purchases of review books, or registration fees for examinations and other academic courses.