DeAnna Bublitz Ph.D. (2012)

DeAnna Bublitz

B.S., Biology (minor in Chemistry), University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
Advisor: Dr. Martha Furie
Current Position: Adjunct Professor and Genomics Technician, Missoula, Montana.​

Awards and Honors

Appointed to the NIH Molecular and Cell Biology of Infectious Diseases (MCBID) Training Grant (2009 to present)

Selected Publications


Bublitz, D.C., Noah, C.E., Benach, J.L., and Furie, M.B. (2010) Francisella tularensis suppresses the proinflammatory response of endothelial cells via the endothelial protein C receptor.  Journal of Immunology (185): 1124-1131.

Platz, G.J., D. Bublitz, D.C., Mena, P., Benach, J.L., Furie, M.B., and Thanassi, D.G. (2010) A tolC mutant of Francisella tularensis is hypercytotoxic and elicits increased proinflammatory responses from host cells.  Infection and Immunity (78): 1022-1031.

Noah, C.E., Malik, M., Bublitz, D.C., Camenares, D., Sellati, T.J., Benach, J.L., and Furie, M.B. (2010) GroEL and lipopolysaccharide from Francisella tularensis live vaccine strain synergistically activate human macrophages.  Infection and Immunity (78): 1797-1806.