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The Department of Microbiology and Immunology (formerly the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology) has been the home for world-class research programs in areas ranging from microbial pathogenesis, immunology and model organism genetics to cancer biology since its founding in 1970. Our mission is to advance the knowledge of the fundamental causes, means of prevention and treatment of human diseases.

We are dedicated to graduate training and are committed to providing a highly interactive atmosphere in which students and post-doctoral fellows will thrive.

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David Thanassi 

Dr. David Thanassi, Chair




2019 Symposium on Harnessing Immunity to Combat Infection and Disease

Poster Presentation

2020 Medical Microbiology teaching assistants

Faculty & Staff News

The State University of New York has recognized the many contributions of Dr. Carol Carter to the field of animal virology, in particular HIV-1 biology, and to the University by bestowing on her the title of SUNY Distinguished Professor.

A research team led by Dr. Pawan Kumar has discovered a novel role for IL-17A in the development of secretory cells in the intestine and mitigation of inflammatory in the bowel. These findings were published in the journal Immunity.

The scientific achievements of Professor Carol Carter are recognized and honored by her election as Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology

Professor and Chair David Thanassi and colleagues have determined the structure of the Escherichia coli PapC usher as it secretes P pilus assembly intermediates. Their work appeared in the journal Nature Communications. 

The discovery that highly elevated levels of the enzyme sPA2-IIA correlate with poor outcomes in patients with COVID-19, research published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation by Professor Maurizio Del Poeta and colleagues, is hailed for its identification of a new target for diagnosis and therapeutics.

Student News

Welcome to the Microbiology & Immunology Graduate Program Fall 2022 incoming class!

Alicia Mendoza, a PhD candidate in Elizabeth Boon's group, has been awarded a SUNY GREAT Award for Graduate Research - congratulations!

Congratulations to Stephen Guadino (P. Kumar lab) and Megan Mladinich (E. Mackow lab), the 2021 recipients of the Irving Abrahams Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Graduate Student.

A 2021 paper co-authored by graduate students Stephen Gaudino, Cody Kempen, Hoi Tong Wong and their colleagues was selected as a Cutting Edge paper by the Journal of Immunology.

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