Gisselle Medina Ph.D. 2008

Giselle Medina

B.S., Biology, SUNY New Paltz
Advisor: Dr. Carol A. Carter
Current Position: Research Microbiologist, Agricultural Research Service, USDA, Plum Island, NY.

Awards and Honors

Recipient of the 2006 Abrahams Award for Outstanding Achievement by a Graduate Student, Graduate Program in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Selected Publications

Medina, G., Pincetic, A., Ehrlich, L.S., Zhang, Y., Tang, Y., Leis, J., and Carter, C.A. (2008) Cellular Tsg101 can replace Nedd4 function in ASV Gag release but not membrane targeting. Virol. 377: 30-38.

Vana, M.L., Yang, Y., Chen, A., Medina, G., Carter, C., and Leis, J. (2004) Role of Nedd4 and ubiquitination of Rous sarcoma virus Gag in budding of virus-like particles from cells. J. Virol. 78: 13943-53.

Medina, G., Zhang, Y., Tang, Y. Gottwein, E., Vana, M.L., Bouamr, F., Leis, J., and Carter, C.A. (2005) The functionally exhangeable L domains in RSV and HIV-1 Gag direct particle release through pathways linked by Tsg101. Traffic 6: 880-94.